Genesis: Chapter 29 (1534)

The boke of Genesis. The .xxix. Chapter.

  1. Then Jacob lyfte vp his fete and wet toward the east countre.
  2. And as he loked aboute behold there was a well in the feld and .iij. flockes of shepe laye therby (for at that well were the flockes watered) and there laye a great stone at the well mouth
  3. And the maner was to brynge the flockes thyther and to roull the stone fro the welles mouth and to water the shepe and to put the stone agayne vppon the wells mouth vnto his place.
  4. And Jacob sayde vnto the: brethern whece be ye? and they sayde: of Haran ar we.
  5. And he sayde vnto the: knowe ye Laban the sonne of Nahor. And they sayde: we knowe him.
  6. And he sayde vnto the: is he in good health? And they sayde: he is in good health: and boholde his doughter Rahel cometh with ye shepe.
  7. And he sayde: lo it is yet a great whyle to nyghte nether is it tyme yt the catell shulde be gathered together: water the shepe and goo and fede the.
  8. And they sayde: we maye not vntill all ye flockes be brought together and the stone be roulled fro the wells mouth and so we water oure shepe.
  9. Whyle he yet talked with the Rahel came with hir fathers shepe for she kepte them.
  10. As soone As Jacob sawe Rahel the doughter of Laban his mothers brother and the shepe of Laban his mothers brother he went and rowled the stone fro the wells mouth and watered the shepe of Laba his mothers brother
  11. And Jacob kyssed Rahel and lyfte vp his voyce and wepte:
  12. and tolde her also yt he was hir fathers brother and Rebeccas sonne. The Rahel ranne and tolde hir father.
  13. When Laban herd tell of Jacob his sisters sonne he ranne agaynst him and embraced hi and kyssed him ad broughte him in to his house. And the Jacob told Laba all ye matter
  14. And the Laba sayde: well thou art my bone and my flesh. Abyde with me the space of a moneth.
  15. And afterward Laban sayd vnto Jacob: though thou be my brother shuldest thou therfore serue me for nought?tell me what shall thi wages be?
  16. And Laban had .ij. doughters the eldest called Lea and the yongest Rahel.
  17. Lea was tender eyed: But Rahel was bewtifull ad well fauored.
  18. And Jacob loued her well and sayde: I will serue the .vij. yere for Rahel thy yongest doughter.
  19. And Laban answered: it is better yt I geue her the than to another man? byde therfore with me.
  20. And Jacob serued .vij. yeres for Rahel and they semed vnto him but a fewe dayes for the loue he had to her.
  21. And Jacob sayde vnto Laban geue me my wife that I maye lye with hir for the tyme appoynted me is come.
  22. Than Laban bade all the men of that place and made a feast.
  23. And when eue was come he toke Lea his doughter and broughte her to him and he went in vnto her.
  24. And Laban gaue vnto his doughter Lea Zilpha his mayde to be hir seruaunte.
  25. And when the mornynge was come beholde it was Lea. Than sayde he to Laban: wherfore hast thou played thus with me? dyd not I serue the for Rahel wherfore than hast thou begyled me?
  26. Laban answered: it is not the maner of this place to marke the yongest before the eldest.
  27. Passe out this weke and tha shall this also be geuen the for ye seruyce which thou shalt serue me yet .vij. yeres more.
  28. And Jacob dyd eue so and passed out that weke and than he gaue hi Rahel his doughter to wyfe also.
  29. And Laban gaue to Rahel his doughter Bilha his handmayde to be hir servaute.
  30. So laye he by Rahel also and loued Rahel more than Lea and serued him yet .vij. yeres more.
  31. When the LORde sawe that Lea was despised he made her frutefull: but Rahel was baren.
  32. And Lea conceaued and bare a sonne ad called his name Rube for she sayde::the LORde hath loked apon my tribulation. And now my husbonde will loue me.
  33. And she conceaued agayne and bare a sonne and sayde: the LORde hath herde that I am despised ad hath therfore geuen me this sonne also and she called him Simeon.
  34. And she conceaued yet and bare a sonne ad sayde: now this once will my husbonde kepe me company because I haue borne him .iij. sonnes: and therfore she called his name Levi.
  35. And she conceaued yet agayne and bare a sonne saynge? Now will I prayse the LORde: therfore she called his name Juda and left bearynge.
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