Genesis: Chapter 28 (1534)

The boke of Genesis. The .xxviij. Chapter.

  1. Than Isaac called Jacob his sonne and blessed him ad charged him and sayde vnto him: se thou take not a wife of the doughters of Canaan
  2. but aryse ad gett the to Mesopotamia to the house of Bethuel thy mothers father: and there take the a wife of the doughters of Laban thi mothers brother.
  3. And God allmightie blesse the increase the and multiplie the that thou mayst be a nombre of people
  4. and geue the the blessynge of Abraham: both to the and to thy seed with the that thou mayst possesse the lade (wherein thou art a strangere) which God gaue vnto Abraham.
  5. Thus Isaac sent forth Jacob to goo to Mesopotamia vnto Laban sonne of Bethuel the Sirien and brother to Rebecca Jacobs and Esaus mother.
  6. When Esau sawe that Isaac had blessed Jacob and sent him to Mesopotamia to fett him a wife thence and that as he blessed him he gaue him a charge saynge: se thou take not a wife of the doughters of Canaan:
  7. and that Jacob had obeyed his father and mother and was gone vnto Mesopotamia:
  8. and seynge also that the doughters of Canaan pleased not Isaac his father:
  9. Then went he vnto Ismael and toke vnto the wiues which he had Mahala the doughter of Ismael Abrahams sonne the sister of Nabaioth to be his wife.
  10. Jacob departed from Berseba and went toward Haran
  11. and came vnto a place and taried there all nyghte because the sonne was downe. And toke a stone of the place and put it vnder his heade and layde him downe in the same place to slepe.
  12. And he dreamed: and beholde there stode a ladder apon the erth and the topp of it reached vpp to heaue. And se the angells of God went vp and downe apon it
  13. yee ad the LORde stode apon it and sayde.I am the LORde God of Abraham thi father and the God of Isaac: The londe which thou slepest apon will I geue the and thy seed.
  14. And thy seed shalbe as the dust of the erth: And thou shalt spreade abrode: west east north and south. And thorow the and thy seed shall all the kynreddes of the erth be blessed.
  15. And se I am with the and wylbe thy keper in all places whother thou goost and wyll brynge ye agayne in to this lande: Nether will I leaue the vntill I haue made good all that I haue promysed the.
  16. When Jacob was awaked out of his slepe he sayde: surely the LORde is in this place ad I was not aware.
  17. And he was afrayde and sayde how fearfull is this place? it is none other but euen the house of God and the gate of heaue.
  18. And Jacob stode vp early in the mornynge and toke the stone that he had layde vnder his heade and pitched it vp an ende and poured oyle on the topp of it.
  19. And he called the name of the place Bethell for in dede the name of the citie was called Lus before tyme.
  20. And Jacob vowed a vowe saynge: Yf God will be with me and wyll kepe me in this iourney which I goo and will geue me bread to eate and cloothes to put on
  21. so that I come agayne vnto my fathers house in saftie: then shall the LORde be my God
  22. and this stone which I haue sett vp an ende shalbe godes house And of all that thou shalt geue me will I geue the tenth vnto the.
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