Genesis: Chapter 26 (1534)

The boke of Genesis. The .xxvi. Chapter.

  1. And there fell a derth in ye lande passinge the first derth yt fell in the dayes of Abraham. Wherfore Isaac went vnto Abimelech kinge of ye Philistias vnto Gerar.
  2. The the LORde apeared vnto him and sayde goo not doune in to Egipte but byde in ye land which I saye vnto ye:
  3. Sogeorne in this lade and I wyll be with ye and wyll blesse ye: for vnto the and vnto thy sede I will geue all these cotreis And I will performe the oothe which I swore vnto Abraha thy father
  4. and will multiplye thy seed as ye starres of heave and will geue vnto thy seed all these contreis. And thorow thy seed shall all the natios of the erth be blessed
  5. because yt Abraha harkened vnto mi voyce and kepte mine ordinauces comaudmetes statutes and lawes
  6. And Isaac dwelled in Gerar.
  7. And yt me of the place asked hi of his wife and he sayde yt she was his sister: for he feared to calle her his wife lest the me of the place shulde haue kylled hym for hir sake because she was bewtyfull to ye eye.
  8. And it happened after he had bene there longe tyme yt Abimelech kinge of ye Philistias loked out at a wyndow and sawe Isaac sportinge with Rebecca his wife.
  9. And Abimelech sende for Isaac and sayde: se she is of a suertie thi wife and why saydest thou yt she was thi sister? And Isaac saide vnto hi: I thoughte yt I mighte peradventure haue dyed for hir sake.
  10. The fayde Abimelech: whi hast thou done this vnto vs? one of ye people myght lightely haue lyne by thy wife and so shuldest thou haue broughte synne vpon vs
  11. Tha Abimelech charged all his people saynge: he yt toucheth this man or his wife shall surely dye for it.
  12. And Isaac sowed in yt lade and founde in ye same yere an hudred bushels: for ye LORde blessed hi
  13. and the man waxed mightye and wet forth and grewe till he was exceadinge great
  14. yt he had possessio of shepe of oxe and a myghtie housholde: so yt the Philestians had envy at him:
  15. In so moch yt they stopped and fylled vp with erth all the welles which his fathers servauntes dygged in his father Abrahams tyme.
  16. Than sayde Abimelech vnto Isaac: gett the fro me for thou art myhhtier then we a greate deale.
  17. Than Isaac departed thense and pitched his tente in the valey Gerar and dwelt there,
  18. And Isaac digged agayne the welles of water which they dygged in the dayes of Abraha his father which the Philestias had stoppe after ye deth of Abraha and gaue the the same names which hys father gaue the.
  19. As Isaacs seruautes dygged in the valey they founde a well of springynge water.
  20. And the herdme of Gerar dyd stryue with Isaacs herdme saynge: the water is oures Than called he the well Eseck because they stroue with hym.
  21. Than dygged they another well and they stroue for yt also. Therfore called he it Sitena.
  22. And than he departed these and dygged a nother well for the which they stroue not: therfore called he it Rehoboth saige: ye LORde hath now made vs rowme and we are encreased vpo the erth.
  23. Afterward departed he thece and came to Berseba
  24. And the LORde apered vnto hi the same nyghte and sayde. I am the God of Abraha thy father feare not for I am with the and will blesse the and multiplye thy sede for my seruaute Abrahams sake.
  25. And than he buylded an aulter there and called vpo the name of the LORde and there pitched his tente. And there Isaacs servauntes dygged a well.
  26. Than came Abimelech to him fro Gerar and Ahusath his frende and Phicol his chefe captayne.
  27. And Isaac sayde vnto the: wherfore come ye to me seige ye hate me and haue put me awaye fro you?
  28. Than sayde they: we sawe that the LORde was with the and therfore we sayde that there shulde be an oothe betwixte vs ad the and that we wolde make a bonde with the:
  29. yt thou shuldeste do vs no hurte as we haue not touched the and haue done vnto the nothinge but good and sed the awaye in peace: for thou art now the blessed of the LORde.
  30. And he made the a feast and they ate ad droke.
  31. And they rose vp by tymes in the mornynge and sware one to another. And Isaac sent the awaye. And they departed from him in peace.
  32. And ye same daye came Isaacs servautes and tolde hi of a well which they had dygged: and sayde vnto hi that thei had founde water.
  33. And he called it Seba wherfore the name of the cyte is called Berseba vnto this daye.
  34. When Esau was .xl. yere olde he toke to wyfe Judith the doughter of Bely an Hethite and Busmath the doughter of Elon an Hethite
  35. also which were dishobedient vnto Isaac and Rebecca.
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