Genesis: Chapter 22 (1534)

The boke of Genesis. The .xxij. Chapter.

  1. After these dedes God dyd proue Abraham and sayde vnto him: Abraham. And he answered: here am I.
  2. And he sayde: take thy only sonne Isaac whome thou louest and get the vnto the lande of Moria and sacrifyce him there for a sacrifyce vpon one of the mountayns which I will shewe the
  3. Than Abraham rose vp early in the mornynge and sadled his asse and toke two of his meyny wyth him and Isaac his sonne: ad clove wod for the sacrifyce and rose vp and gott him to the place which God had appoynted him.
  4. The thirde daye Abraham lyfte vp his eyes and sawe the place a farr of
  5. and sayde vnto his yong men: byde here with the asse. I and the lad will goo yonder and worshippe and come agayne vnto you.
  6. And Abraham toke the wodd of the sacrifyce and layde it vpon Isaac his sonne and toke fyre in his hande and a knyfe. And they went both of them together.
  7. Than spake Isaac vnto Abraham his father and sayde: My father? And he answered here am I my sonne. And he sayde: Se here is fyre and wodd but where is the shepe for sacrifyce?
  8. And Abraham sayde: my sonne God wyll prouyde him a shepe for sacrifyce. So went they both together.
  9. And when they came vnto the place which God shewed him Abraha made an aulter there and dressed the wodd ad bownde Isaac his sonne and layde him on the aulter aboue apon the wodd.
  10. And Abraham stretched forth his hande and toke the knyfe to haue kylled his sonne.
  11. Than the angell of the LORde called vnto him from heauen saynge: Abraham Abraham. And he answered: here am I.
  12. And he sayde: laye not thy handes apon the childe nether do any thinge at all vnto him for now I knowe that thou fearest God in yt thou hast not kepte thine only sonne fro me.
  13. And Abraham lyfted vp his eyes and loked aboute: and beholde there was a ram caught by the hornes in a thykette. And he went and toke the ram and offred him vp for a sacrifyce in the steade of his sonne
  14. And Abraham called the name of the place the LORde will see: wherfore it is a come saynge this daye: in the mounte will the LORde be sene.
  15. And the Angell of the LORde cryed vnto Abraham from heaven the seconde tyme
  16. saynge: by my selfe haue I sworne (sayth the LORde) because thou hast done this thinge and hast not spared thy only sonne
  17. that I will blesse th and multiplye thy seed as the starres of heaven and as the sonde vpo the seesyde. And thy seed shall possesse the gates of hys enymies.
  18. And in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed because thou hast obeyed my voyce.
  19. So turned Abraham agayne vnto his yonge men and they rose vp and wet to gether to Berseba. And Abraham dwelt at Berseba
  20. And it chaused after these thiges that one tolde Abraham saynge: Beholde Milcha she hath also borne childern vnto thy brother Nachor:
  21. Hus his eldest sonne and Bus his brother and Lemuell the father of the Sinans
  22. and Cesed and Haso and Pildas and Jedlaph and Bethuel.
  23. And Bethuel begat Rebecca. These .viij. dyd Milcha bere to Nachor Abrahams brother.
  24. And his concubyne called Rheuma she bare also Tebah Gaham Thahas and Maacha.
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