Genesis: Chapter 16 (1534)

The boke of Genesis. The .xvi. Chapter.

  1. Sarai Abrams wyfe bare him no childerne. But she had an hand mayde an Egiptian whose name was Hagar.
  2. Wherfore the sayde vnto Abram. Beholde the LORde hath closed me that I can not bere. I praye the goo in vnto my mayde peradueture I shall be multiplyed by meanes of her And Abram herde the voyce of Sarai. Than Sarai
  3. Abrams wife toke Hagar hyr mayde the Egitian (after Abram had dwelled .x. yere in the lande of Canaan) and gaue her to hyr husbonde Abram to be his wyfe.
  4. And he wente in vnto Hagar and she conceaved. And when she sawe that she had conceyved hyr mastresse was despised in hyr syghte.
  5. Than sayd Sarai vnto Abram: Thou dost me vnrighte for I haue geuen my mayde in to thy bosome: and now because she seyth that she hath coceaved I am despysed in hyr syghte: the LORde iudge betwene the and me.
  6. Than sayde Abra to Sarai: beholde thy mayde is in thy hande do with hyr as it pleaseth the.And because Sarai fared foule with her she fled from her.
  7. And the angell of the LORde founde her besyde a fountayne of water in the wyldernes: euen by a well in the way to Sur.
  8. And he sayde: Hagar Sarais mayde whence comest thou and whether wylt thou goo ? And she answered: I flee from my mastresse Sarai.
  9. And the angell of the LORde sayde vnto her: returne to thy mastresse agayne and submytte thy selfe vnder her handes.
  10. And the angell of ye LORde sayde vnto her: I will so encrease thy seed that it shall not be numbred for multitude.
  11. And the LORdes angell sayd further vnto her: se thou art wyth childe and shalt bere a sonne and shalt call his name Ismael: because the LORDE hath herde thy tribulation.
  12. He will be a wylde man and his hande will be agenst every man and euery mans hande agenst him. And yet shall he dwell faste by all his brothren.
  13. And she called the name of the LORde that spake vnto her: thou art the God that lokest on me for she sayde: I haue of a suertie sene here the backe parties of him that seith me.
  14. Wherfore she called the well the well of the lyuynge that seith me which well is betwene Cades and Bared.
  15. And Hagar bare Abram a sonne and Abram called his sons name which Hagar bare Ismaell.
  16. And Abram was .lxxxvi. yere olde when Hagar bare him Ismael.
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