Galatians: Chapter 05 (1534)

The Epistle to the Galathyans. The .v. Chapter.

  1. Stond fast therfore in ye libertie wher with Christ hath made vs fre and wrappe not youre selves agayne in ye yoke of bondage.
  2. Beholde I Paul saye vnto you that yf ye be circumcised Christ shall proffit you nothinge at all.
  3. I testifie agayne to every man which is circumcised that he is bounde to kepe the whole lawe.
  4. Ye are gone quyte fro Christ as many as are iustified by the lawe and are fallen from grace.
  5. We loke for and hope in the sprite to be iustified thorow fayth.
  6. For in Jesu Christ nether is circumcision enythinge worth nether yet vncircocision but faith which by love is mighty in operacion.
  7. Ye did runne well: who was a let vnto you that ye shuld not obey the trueth?
  8. Eve that counsell that is not of him that called you.
  9. A lytell leven doth leven the whole lompe of dowe.
  10. I have trust towarde you in the Lorde yt ye wyll be none other wyse mynded. He that troubleth you shall beare his iudgemet what soever he be.
  11. Brethren yf I yet preache circucision: why do I then yet suffre persecucion? For then had the offence which the crosse geveth ceased.
  12. I wolde to God they were seperated from you which trouble you.
  13. Brethre ye were called in to (libertie) only let not youre libertie be an occasion vnto the flesshe but in love serve one another.
  14. For all ye lawe is fulfilled in one worde which is this: thou shalt love thyne neghbour as thy selfe.
  15. Yf ye byte and devoure one another: take hede lest ye be consumed one of another.
  16. I saye walke in the sprete and fulfill not ye lustes of ye flesshe.
  17. For ye flesshe lusteth contrary to ye sprete and ye sprete cotrary to ye flesshe. Tese are cotrary one to the other so yt ye canot do that which ye wolde.
  18. But and yf ye be ledde of the sprete then are ye not vnder the lawe.
  19. The dedes of the flesshe are manyfest whiche are these advoutrie fornicacio vnclenes wantannes
  20. ydolatrye witchecraft hatred variaunce zele wrath stryfe sedicion sectes
  21. envyinge murther dronkenes glottony and soche lyke: of the which I tell you before as I have tolde you in tyme past that they which comit soche thinges shall not inherite ye kyngdome of God.
  22. But ye frute of sprete is loue ioye peace longesufferinge getlenes goodnes faythfulnes
  23. meknes temperancye. Agaynst suche ther is no lawe.
  24. They ye are Christis have crucified the flesshe with the appetites and lustes
  25. Yf we lyve in the sprete let vs walke in the sprete.
  26. Let vs not be vayne glorious provokinge one another and envyinge one another.
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