Galatians: Chapter 01 (1534)

The Epistle of Saynct Paul the Apostle unto the Galathyans. The fyrst Chapter.

  1. Paul an Apostle not of men nether by man but by Jesus Christ and by God the father which raysed him from deeth:
  2. and all the brethren which are with me. Vnto the congregacios of Galacia.
  3. Grace be with you and peace from God the father and from oure Lorde Jesus Christ
  4. which gave him selfe for oure synnes to deliver vs from this present evyll worlde thorow the will of God oure father
  5. to whom be prayse for ever and ever. Amen.
  6. I marvayle that ye are so sone turned fro him that called you in the grace of Christ vnto another gospell:
  7. which is nothinge els but that ther be some which trouble you and intende to pervert to gospell of Christ.
  8. Neverthelesse though we oure selves or an angell fro heve preache eny other gospell vnto you the that which we have preached vnto you holde him as a cursed.
  9. As I sayde before so saye I now agayne yf eny man preache eny other thinge vnto you then that ye have receaved holde him accursed.
  10. Preache I mannes doctrine or Godes? Ether go I about to please men? If I stodyed to please men I were not the servaunt of Christ.
  11. I certifie you brethren that the gospell which was preached of me was not after the maner of men
  12. nether receaved I it of ma nether was I taught it: but receaved it by the revelacion of Jesus Christ.
  13. For ye have hearde of my conversacion in tyme past in the Jewes wayes how that beyonde measure I persecuted the congregacion of God and spoyled it:
  14. and prevayled in the Jewes laye above many of my companions which were of myne awne nacio and was a moche more fervet mayntener of the tradicions of the elders.
  15. But whe it pleased God which seperated me from my mothers wombe and called me by his grace
  16. forto declare his sonne by me that I shuld preache him amonge the hethen: immediatly I comened not of the matter with flesshe and bloud
  17. nether returned to Jerusalem to them which were Apostles before me: but wet my wayes into Arabia and came agayne vnto Damasco.
  18. Then after thre yeare I returned to Jerusalem to se Peter and abode with him .xv. dayes
  19. no nother of the Apostles sawe I save James the Lordes brother.
  20. The thinges which I write beholde God knoweth I lye not.
  21. After that I went into the costes of Siria and Cilicia:
  22. and was vnknowen as touchinge my person vnto ye cogregacios of Jewrye which were in Christ.
  23. But they hearde only that he which persecuted vs in tyme past now preacheth the fayth which before he destroyed.
  24. And they glorified God on my behalffe.
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