Exodus: Chapter 39 (1534)

The boke of Exodus. The .xxxix. Chapter.

  1. And of the Jacyncte, scarlet, purple and twyned bysse, they made the vestimetes of ministracion to do seruyce in in that holye place, and made the holye garmentes that perteyned to Aaron, as the Lorde: commaunded Moses.
  2. And they made the Ephod of golde, Jacinte, scarlet, purple, and twyned bysse.
  3. And they dyd beate the golde in to thynne plates, ad cutte it in to wyres: to worke it in the Jacincte, scarlet, purple and the bysse, with broderd worke.
  4. And they made the sydes come together, and cloosed them vp by the two edges.
  5. And the brodrynge of the girdel that was vpon it, was of the same stuffe and after the same worke of golde, Jacincte, scarlet, purple and twyned bysse, as the Lorde commaunded Moses.
  6. And they wrought onix stones cloosed in ouches of golde and graued as sygnettes are grauen with the names of the children of Israel,
  7. and put them on the shulders of the Ephod that they shulde be a remembraunce off the childern of Israel, as the Lorde commaunded Moses.
  8. And they made the brestlappe of conning worke, after the worke of the Ephod: euen of golde, Jacincte, scarlet, purple ad twyned bysse
  9. And they made it .iiij. square ad double, an hade bredth longe and an hande bredth brode.
  10. And thei filled it with .iiij. rowes of stones (the first rowe: Sardios, a Topas ad smaragdus.
  11. the secode rowe: a Rubin, a Saphir ad a Diamode
  12. The .iij. rowe: Ligurios, an Achat ad a Amatist.
  13. The fourth rowe: a Turcas, an Onix ad a Jaspis) closed in ouches of gold in their inclosers.
  14. And the .xij. stones were graue as sygnettes with the names of the childern of Israel: euery stone with his name, acordinge to the .xij trybes.
  15. And they made apon the brestlappe, twoo fastenynge cheynes of wrethen worke ad pure golde.
  16. And they made two hokes of golde ad two golde rynges, and put the two rynges apo the two corners of the brestlappe.
  17. And they put the two chaynes of golde in the .ij. rynges, in the corners of the brestlappe.
  18. And the .ij. endes of the two cheynes they fastened in the .ij. hokes, ad put them on the shulders of the Ephod apon the forefront of it.
  19. And they made two other rynges of golde and put them on the two other corners of the brestlappe alonge apon the edge of it, toward the insyde of the Ephod that is ouer agaynst it
  20. And they made yet two other golde rynges, ad put them on the .ij. sydes of the Ephod, beneth on the fore syde of it: eue where the sydes goo together, aboue apon the brodrynge of the Ephod,
  21. ad they strayned the brestlappe by his riges vnto the ringes of the Ephod, with laces of Jacincte, that it mighte lye fast apon the brodrynge of the Ephod, and shulde not be lowsed from of the Ephod: as the Lorde comauded Moses.
  22. And he made the tunycle vnto the Ephod of wouen worke and all together of Jacincte,
  23. ad the heade of the tunycle was in the middest of it as the color of a partlet, with a bonde rounde aboute the color, that it shulde not rent,
  24. And they made beneth apon the hem of the tunycle: pomgranates of Jacincte, scarlet, purple and twyned bysse,
  25. And they made litle belles of pure golde, ad put them amonge the pomgranates roude aboute apo the edge of the tunycle a bell ad a pomgranate,
  26. a bell ad a pomgranate rounde aboute the hemmes of the tunycle to mynistre in, as the Lorde commaunded Moses
  27. And they made cotes of bysse of woue worke for Aaron and his sonnes,
  28. and a mytre off bysse, and goodly bonettes of bysse, and lynen breches off twyned bysse,
  29. and a gyrdell of twyned bysse, Jacyncte, scarlett and purple: euen of nedle worke, as the Lorde comauded Moses,
  30. And they made the plate of the holy croune of fine golde, ad wrote apo it with graue worke: the holynes of the Lorde.
  31. ad tyed it to a lace of Jacincte to fasten yt an hye apon the mytre, as the Lorde commaunded Moses.
  32. Thus was all the worke of the habitacyon of the tabernacle of witnesse, finysshed. And the childern of Israel dyd, acordyng to all that the Lorde had commaunded Moses.
  33. And they brought the habitacyon vnto Moses: the tent and all his apparell thereof: the buttones boordes, barres, pilers and sokettes:
  34. and the couerynge of rams skynnes red, and the couerynge of taxus skynnes, and the hanginge vayle,
  35. and the arcke of witnesse with the staues thereof, and the mercyseate:
  36. the table and all the ordinaunce thereof, and the shewbred,
  37. and the pure candelsticke, and the lampes prepared therevnto with all the vessels thereof, and the oyle for lyghtes,
  38. and the golden altare and the anoyntynge oyle and the swete cens, and the hangynge of the tabernacle doore,
  39. ad the brasen alter, and the gredyern of brasse longynge therevnto with his barres and all hys vessels, and the lauer with his fote,
  40. and the hanginges of the courte with his pilers and sokettes, and the hangynge to the courte gate, hys boordes and pynnes, ad al the ordinaunce that serueth to the habitacion of the tabernacle of witnesse,
  41. and the ministringe vestimentes to serue in the holy place, and the holy vestimentes of Aaron the preast and his sonnes raymetes to ministre in:
  42. acordyng to: all that the Lorde commaunded Moses: euen so the childern of Israel made all the worke.
  43. And Moses behelde all the worke: and se, they had done it euen as the Lorde commaunded: and tha Moses blessed them.
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