Exodus: Chapter 35 (1534)

The boke of Exodus. The .xxxv. Chapter.

  1. And Moses gathered all the companye of the childern of Israel together, and sayde vnto them: these are the thinges which the Lorde hath commaunded to doo:
  2. Sixe dayes ye shall worke, but the seuenth daye shalbe vnto you the holy Sabbath of the Lordes rest: so that whosoeuer doth any worke there in, shall dye.
  3. Moreouer ye shall kyndle no fyre thorow out all youre habitacyons apo the Sabbath daye.
  4. And Moses spake vnto all the multitude of the childern of Israel sainge: this is the thinge which the Lorde comauded saynge:
  5. Geue fro amoge you an heueoffringe, vnto the Lorde. All thatt are willynge in their hartes, shall brynge heueoffringes vnto the Lorde: golde, syluer, brasse:
  6. Jacyncte, scarlet, purpull, bysse ad gootes hare:
  7. rams skynnes red and taxus skynnes and Sethim wodd:
  8. and oyle for lightes ad spices for the anoyntynge oyle ad for the swete cens:
  9. And Onixstones and stones to be sett for the Ephod and for the brestlappe.
  10. And let all them that are wyseharted amoge you, come and make all that the Lorde hath commaunded:
  11. the habitacion and the tent there of with his couerynge ad his rynges, bordes, barres, pilers and sokettes:
  12. the arke and the staues thereof with the mercyseate ad the vayle that couereth it:
  13. the table and his staues with all that perteyneth thereto ad the shewebred:
  14. the candelsticke of lighte with his apparell and his lampes ad the oyle for the lightes:
  15. the censalter and his staues, the anoyntynge oyle and the swete cens ad the hangynge before the tabernacle dore:
  16. the alter of burntsacrifyces ad his brasen gredyren that longeth there to with his staues ad all his ordynauce ad the lauer and his fote:
  17. the hangynges of the courte with his pilers and their sokettes, and the hangynge to the dore of the courte:
  18. the pynnes of the habitacion and the pynnes of the courte with their boordes:
  19. the mynystrynge garmentes to mynystre with in holynesse, and the holy vestimentes of Aaron the preast and the vestimentes of his sonnes to mynystre in.
  20. And all the companye of the childern of Israel departed from the presence of Moses.
  21. And they went (as many as their hartes coraged them and as many as their spirites made them willynge) and broughte heueoffrynges vnto the Lord, to the makynge of the tabernacle of wytnesse and for all his vses and for the holy vestmentes.
  22. And the men came with the wemen (euen as manye as were willynge harted) and brought bracelettes, earynges, rynges and girdels and all maner Jewels of golde. And all the men that waued waueoffrynges of golde vnto the Lorde
  23. and euery man with whom was founde Jacyncte, scarlet, purpull, bysse or gootes hayre or red skynnes of rammes or taxus skynnes, brought it.
  24. And all that houe vpp golde or brasse, brought an heueoffrynge vnto the Lorde. And all men with whom was founde sethim wodd mete for any maner worke or seruyce, brought it.
  25. And all the wemen that were wise herted to worke with their handes, spanne, and brought the sponne worke, both of Jacyncte, scarlet, purpull and bysse.
  26. And all the wemen that excelled in wysdome of herte, spane the gotes hayre.
  27. And the lordes brought Onix stones and settstones for the Epod, and for the brest lappe,
  28. and spyce and oyle: both for the lightes and for the anoyntyng oyle and for the swete cens.
  29. And the childern of Israel brought wyllynge offrynges vnto the Lorde, both men ad women: as many as their hartes made the wyllynge to brynge, for all maner workes which the Lorde had commaunded to make by the hande of Moses.
  30. And Moses sayde vnto the childern of Israel: beholde, the Lorde hath called by name Bezabeel the son of Vri the son of Hur of the trybe of Juda,
  31. and hath fylled him with the sprete of God, with wisdome, vnderstodinge and knowlege, euen in all maner worke,
  32. ad to fynde out curyous workes, to worke in golde, syluer and brasse:
  33. and with grauynge of stones to sett, and with keruynge in wodd, and to worke in all maner of sotle workes.
  34. And he hath put in hys harte the grace to teach: both him and Ahaliab the son of Ahisamach of the trybe of Dan
  35. hath he fylled with wisdome of herte, to worke all maner of grauen worke: they are also broderers and workers with nedle, In Jacyncte, scarlet, purple and bysse, and are weuers that can make all maner worke, and can deuyse sotle workes.
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