Exodus: Chapter 28 (1534)

The boke of Exodus. The .xxviij. Chapter.

  1.  And take thou vnto the, Aaron thi brother and his sonnes with him, from amonge the childern of Israel, that he maye minystre vnto me: both Aaron, Nadab, Abihu, Eleazar and Ithamar Aarons sonnes.
  2. And thou shalt make holye rayment for Aaron thy brother, both honorable and gloryous
  3. Moreouer speake vnto all that are wyse harted which I haue fylled with the sprete of wysdome: that they make Aarons rayment to consecrate him wyth, that he maye mynistre vnto me.
  4. These are the garmentes which they shall make: a brestlappe, Ephod, a tunycle, a strayte cote, a myter and a girdell. And they shall make holye garmentes for Aaron thi brother ad his sones, that he maye mynistre vnto me.
  5. And they shal take there to, golde, Jacincte, scarlet, purpull and bysse.
  6. And they shall make the Ephod: of golde Jacyncte, scarlett, purpull ad white twyned bysse with broderdworke,
  7. The two sydes shall come to gether, clossed vppe in the edges thereof
  8. And the girdell of the Ephod shalbe of the same workemanshippe ad of the same stuffe: euen of golde, Jacyncte, scarlete, purpull ad twyned bysse,
  9. And thou shalt take two onyx stones and graue in them the names of the childern of Israel:
  10. sixe in the one stone, and the other sixe in the other stone: acordinge to the order of their birth.
  11. After the worke of a stonegrauer, eue as sygnettes are grauen, shalt thou graue the .ij stones with the names of the childern of Israel, ad shalt make the to be set in ouches of golde.
  12. And thou shalt put the two stones apo the two shulders of the Ephod, ad they shalbe stones off remembraunce vnto the childern off Israel. And Aaron shall bere their names before the Lorde vppon hys two shulders for a remembraunce.
  13. And thou shalt make hokes off golde
  14. and two cheynes off fine golde: lynkeworke and wrethed, and fasten the wrethed cheynes to the hokes.
  15. And thou shalt make the brestlappe of ensample with broderd worke: eue after the worke of the Ephod shalt thou make it: of golde, Jacyncte, scarlet, purple ad twyned bysse shalt thou make it.
  16. Fouresquare it shall be ad double, an hand brede longe and an hand brede brode.
  17. And thou shalt fyll it with .iiij. rowes of stones. In the first rowe shalbe a Sardios, a Topas and Smaragdus.
  18. The seconde rowe: a Rubyn, Saphir and a Diamonde.
  19. The thyrd: Lygurios an Acatt and Amatist.
  20. The fourth: a Turcas, Onix and Jaspis. And they shalbe sett in golde in their inclosers.
  21. And the stones shalbe grauen as sygnettes be graue: with the names of the childern of Israel euen with .xij names euery one with his name acordynge to the .xij. trybes.
  22. And thou shalt make vppon the brestlappe .ij. fasteninge cheynes of pure golde ad wrethen worke.
  23. And thou shalt make likewyse vppon the brestlappe .ij. rynges of golde and put them on the edges of the brestlappe,
  24. and put the .ij. wrethen cheynes of golde in the .ij. rynges which are in the edges of the brestlappe,
  25. And the .ij. endes of the .ij. cheynes thou shalt fasten in the .ij. rynges, and put them vppon the shulders of the Ephod: on the foresyde of it.
  26. And thou shalt yet make .ij. rynges of golde ad put the in the .ij. edges of the brestlappe eue in the borders there of towarde the insyde of the Ephod that is ouer agaynst it.
  27. And yet .ij. other riges of golde thou shalt make, ad put the on the .ij. sydes of the Ephod, beneth ouer agaynst the brestlappe, alowe where the sydes are ioyned together vppo the brodered girdell of the Ephod.
  28. And they shall bynde the brestlappe by his rynges vnto the rynges of the Ephod with a lace of Jacyncte, that it maye lye closse vnto the brodered girdell of the Ephod, that the breastlappe be not lowsed from the Ephod.
  29. And Aaro shall bere the names of the childern of Israel in the brestlappe of ensaple vppo his herte, whe he goth in to the holy place, for a remebrauce before the Lorde allwaye.
  30. And thou shalt put i the brestlappe of ensaple  lighte ad perfectnesse: that they be eue vpo Aaros herte whe he goeth i before the Lorde ad Aaro shal bere the ensaple of the childern of Israel vpo his herte before the Lorde alwaie
  31. And thou shalt make the tunycle vnto the Ephod, all to gether of Jacyncte.
  32. And ther shalbe an hole for the heed in the myddes of it, ad let there be a bonde of wouen worke rounde aboute the colore of it: as it were the colore of a partlet, that it rent not.
  33. And beneth vppon the hem, thou shalt make pomgranates of Jacyncte, of scarlet, and of purpull rounde aboute the hem,
  34. and belles of golde betwene them rounde aboute: that there be euer a golden bell and a pomgranate, a goldem bell and a pomgranate rounde aboute vppon the hem of the tunicle.
  35. And Aaron shall haue it vppon him when he minystreth, that the sounde maye be herde when he goeth in in to the holy place before the Lorde and when he cometh out, that he dye not.
  36. And thou shalt make a plate of pure golde, and graue there on (as signettes are grauen) the  holynes of the Lorde,
  37. and put it on a lace of Jacyncte and tye it vnto the mytre,
  38. vppon the forefrunt of it, that it be apon Aaros foreheed: that Aaron bere the synne of the holy thynges which the children of Israel haue halowed in all their holye giftes. And it shalbe alwayes vpon Aarons foreheed, that they maye be accepted before the Lorde.
  39. And thou shalt make an albe of bysse, and thou shalt make a mytre of bysse ad a girdell of nedle worke.
  40. And thou shalt make for Aarons sonnes also cotes, girdels and bonettes honourable and glorious,
  41. and thou shalt put them vppon Aaron thy brother ad on his sonnes with him and shalt anoynte them and fyll theyr handes and consecrate them that they maye mynistre vnto me.
  42. And thou shalt make them lynen breches to couer their preuyties: from the loynes vnto the thyes shall they reach.
  43. And they shalbe apon Aaron and his sonnes, whe they goo in to the tabernacle of wytnesse, or when they goo vnto the altare to mynistre in holynes, that they bere no synne and so dye. And it shalbe a lawe for euer vnto Aaron ad his seed after him.
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From hence unto the book’s end and throughout all the next book, thou shalt see what moved the pope and whence he took the fashion of the garments and ornaments that are now used in the church and the manner of hallowing of the church, altar, chalice, font, bells, and so forth, and is become as it were a priest of the old law, and hath brought us into captivity as it were under the ceremonies of the old law, save theirs spake and ours be dumb.
Light and perfectness: In Hebrew it is lights and perfectnesses: and I think that the one were stones that did glister and had light in them and the other clear stones as crystal.  And the light betokened the light of God’s word and the pureness clean living according to the same and was therefore called the example of the children of Israel, because it put them in remembrance to seek God’s word and to do thereafter.
That he calleth the holiness of the Lord I suppose it be this name Jehovah.