Exodus: Chapter 10 (1534)

The boke of Exodus. The .x. Chapter.

  1. The Lorde sayde vnto Moses: goo vnto Pharao, neuerthelesse I haue hardened his harte and the hertes of his servauntes, that I mighte shewe these my sygnes amongest the
  2. and that thou tell in the audience of thy sonne and of thy sonnes sonne, the pagiantes which I haue played in Egipte ad the miracles which I haue done amonge them: that ye may knowe how that I am the Lorde.
  3. Than Moses ad Aaron went in vnto Pharao and sayde vnto him: thus sayth the Lorde God of the Hebrues: how longe shall it be, or thou wilt submyt thy selfe vnto me? Let my people goo that they maye serue me.
  4. Yf thou wilt not let my people goo: beholde, tomorow will I brynge greshoppers in to thy lande,
  5. and they shall couer the face of the erth that it can not be sene, ad they shall eate the residue which remayneth vnto you and escaped the hayle and they shall eate all youre grene trees vpon the felde,
  6. and they shall fill thy housses and all thy servauntes housses, and the housses of all the Egiptias after soch a maner: as nether thy fathers nor thy fathers fathers haue sene, sence the tyme they were apon the erthe vnto thys daye. And he turned him silfe aboute, ad went out from Pharao.
  7. And Pharaos servauntes sayde vnto hym: Howe longe shall this felowe thus plage vs? Let the men goo that they maye serue the Lorde their God, or els wilt thou see Egipte first destroyed?
  8. And than Moses and Aaron were broughte agayn vnto Pharao, and he sayde vnto them: Goo and serue the Lorde youre God but who are they that shall goo?
  9. And Moses answered: we must goo with yonge and olde: ye and with oure sonnes and with oure doughters, ad with oure shepe and oxe must we goo For we must holde a feast vnto the Lorde.
  10. And he sayde vnto them: shall it be soo? The Lorde be with you, shulde I lett you goo, and youre childern also? Take heede, for ye haue some myschefe in honde.
  11. Nay not so: but goo ye that are men and serue the Lorde, for that was youre desyre. And they thrust the out of Pharaos presence.
  12. And the Lorde sayde vnto Moses: Stretch out thine hande ouer the lande of Egipte for greshoppers, that they come apon the lande of Egipte and eate all the herbes of the londe, ad all that the hayle left vntouched.
  13. And Moses stretched forth his rodd ouer the londe off Egipte, ad the Lorde brought an east wynde vppo the lande, all that daye and all nyghte. And in the mornynge the east wynde broughte the greshoppers,
  14. ad the greshoppers wet vp ouer all the lande of Egipte and lighted in all quarters off Egipte verye greuously: so that before them were there no soch greshoppers, nether after them shal be.
  15. And they couered all the face of the erth, so that the londe was darke therwith. And they ate all the herbes of the lande and all the frutes of the trees which the hayle had lefte: so that there was no grene thinge lefte in the trees and herbes of the felde thorow all the lande of Egipte.
  16. Then Pharao called for Moses and Aaro in haste and sayde: I haue synned agaynst the Lorde youre God and agaynst you.
  17. Forgeue me yet my synne only this once, and pray vnto the Lorde youre God that he maye take away fro me this deth only.
  18. And he wet out fro Pharao ad prayd vnto the Lorde,
  19. ad the Lord turned the wynde in to a myghtie stronge west wynde, and it toke awaye the greshoppers and cast the in to the reed see: so that there was not one greshopper left in all the costes of Egipte
  20. But the Lorde hardened Pharaos herte, so that he wold not let the childern off Israel goo
  21. And the Lorde sayde vnto Moses: Stretch out thy hond vnto heaue ad let there be darcknesse vppon the londe of Egipte: eue that thei maye feale the darcknesse.
  22. And Moses stretched forth his hande vnto heaue, ad there was a darke myst vppo all the lande off Egipte. iij dayes longe
  23. so that no ma sawe another nether rose vp fro the place where he was by the space of .iij. dayes, but all the childre of Israel had lighte where they dwelled.
  24. Then Pharao called for Moses and sayde: goo and serue the Lorde, only let youre shepe. and youre oxen abyde, but let youre childern go with you.
  25. And Moses answered: thou must geue vs also offringes and burntoffringes for to sacrifice vnto the Lord oure God,
  26. Oure catell therfore shall goo with vs, and there shall not one hooffe be left behinde, for therof must we take to serue the Lorde oure God. Moreouer we ca not knowe wherwith we shall serue the Lorde, vntyll we come thither.
  27. But the Lorde hardened Pharaos herte, so that he wold not let the goo.
  28. And Pharao sayde vnto him: get the fro me ad take heade to thy selfe that thou see my face no moare, For whesoeuer thou comest in my syghte, thou shalt dye.
  29. And Moses saide: let it be as thou hast sayde: I will see thy face no moare.
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