Deuteronomy: Chapter 34 (1534)

The boke of Deuteronomium. The .xxxiiij. Chapter.

  1. And Moses went fro the feldes of Moab vpp in to mount Nebo which is the toppe of Pisga, that is ouer agenst Jericho. And the Lorde shewed him all the londe off Gilead euen vnto. Dan,
  2. and all nephtali and the londe of Ephraim and Manasse, ad all the londe of Juda: euen vnto the vtmost see,
  3. ad the south and the region of the playne of Jericho the citye of datetrees euen vnto Zoar.
  4. And the Lorde sayed vnto him. This is the londe which I sware vnto Abraham, Isaac and Jacob sayenge: I will geue it vnto thy seed. I haue shewed it the before thyne eyes: but thou shalt not goo ouer thither.
  5. So Moses the seruaunte of the Lorde dyed there in the londe of Moab at the commaundment of the Lorde.
  6. And he buryed him in a valey in the londe of Moab besyde Beeth Peor: but no man wyst of his sepulchre vnto this daye.
  7. And Moses was an hundred and .xx. yere olde when he dyed, ad yet his eyes were not dym nor his chekes abated.
  8. And the childern of Israel wepte for Moses in the feldes off Moab .xxx. dayes. And the dayes off wepynge and mornynge for Moses were ended.
  9. And Josua the sonne of Nun was full of the spirite of wisdome: for Moses had put his hande vppon him. And all the childern of Israel herkened vnto him and dyd as the Lorde comaunded Moses.
  10. But there arose not a prophett sense in Israel lyke vnto Moses, whom the Lorde knewe face to face,
  11. in all the miracles and wonders which the Lorde sent him to doo in the londe of Egipte, vnto Pharao and all his seruauntes and vnto all his londe:
  12. and in all the myghtye deades and greate tereble thinges which Moses dyd in the sight of all Israel
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