Deuteronomy: Chapter 32 (1534)

The boke of Deuteronomium. The .xxxij. Chapter.

  1. Heare o heauen, what I shall speake and heare o erth the wordes of my mouth.
  2. My doctrine droppe as doeth the rayne, ad my speach flowe as doeth the dewe, as the mesellynge vpo the herbes, ad as the droppes vppo the grasse.
  3. For I wil call on the name of the Lorde: Magnifie the might of oure God.
  4. He is a rocke and perfecte are his deades, for all his wayes are with discrecion. God is faithfull and without wekednesse, both rightuous and iuste is he.
  5. The frowarde and ouerthwarte generacion hath marred them selues to himward, ad are not his sonnes for their deformities sake,
  6. Doest thou so rewarde the Lorde? O foolish nacyon ad vnwyse. Is not he thy father ad thyne owner? hath he not made the and ordeyned the?
  7. Remembre the dayes that are past: consydre the yeres from tyme to tyme. Axe thy father ad he will shewe the, thyne elders and they wyll tell the.
  8. Whe the most hyghest gaue the nacyons an inheritaunce, ad diuided the sonnes of Adam he put the borders of the nacions, fast by the multitude of the childern of Israel.
  9. For the Lordes parte is his folke, ad Israel is the porcion of his enheritaunce.
  10. He founde him in a deserte londe, in a voyde ground ad a rorynge wildernesse. he led hi aboute and gaue him vnderstondynge, ad kepte him as the aple of his eye.
  11. As an egle that stereth vpp hyr nest and flotereth ouer hyr younge, he stretched oute his wynges and toke hym vpp and bare hym on his shulders.
  12. The Lorde alone was his guyde, and there was no straunge God with him.
  13. He sett him vpp apon an hye londe, and he ate the encrease of the feldes. And he gaue hi honye to sucke out of the rocke, ad oyle out of the harde stone.
  14. With butter of the kyne and mylke of the shepe, with fatt of the lambes ad fatt rammes and he gootes with fatt kydneyes and with whete. And of the bloude of grapes thou drokest wyne.
  15. And Israel waxed fatt and kyked. Thou wast fatt, thicke and smothe, And he let God goo that made hi and despysed the rocke that saued him.
  16. They angred him with strauge goddes ad with abhominacions prouoked him.
  17. They offered vnto feldedeuels and not to God, ad to goddes which they knewe not ad to newe goddes that came newly vpp whiche their fathers feared not.
  18. Of the rocke that begat the thou arte vnmyndefull and hast forgott God that made the.
  19. And when the Lorde sawe it, he was angre because of the prouokynge of his sonnes and doughters.
  20. And he sayed: I will hyde my face from the and will se what their ende shall be. For they are a froward generacion ad childern in who is no fayth.
  21. They haue angred me with that whiche is no god, and prouoked me with their vanities And I agayne will angre them with the whiche are no people, and will prouoke the with a foelish nacion.
  22. For fire is kyndled in my wrath, ad shal burne vnto the botome of heell. And shall consume the erth with her encrease, and set a fire the botoms of the mountaynes.
  23. I will hepe myscheues vpon the ad will spede all myne arowes at them.
  24. Burnt with hungre ad consumed with heet and with bitter pestilence. I will also sende the tethe of beestes vppon them and poyson serpentes.
  25. Without forth, the swerde shall robbe the off theire childern: and wythin in the chamber, feare: both younge men and younge wemen and the suckelynges with the me of gray heedes.
  26. I haue determened to scater the therowout the worlde, ad to make awaye the remebraunce ofthem from amonge men.
  27. Were it not that I feared the raylynge off their enemyes, lest theire aduersaries wolde be prowde and saye: oure hye hande hath done al these workes and not the Lorde.
  28. For it is a nacion that hath an vnhappy forcast, and hath no vnderstonge in them.
  29. I wolde they ware wyse and vnderstode this ad wolde consider their later ende.
  30. Howe it cometh that one shall chace a thousande, and two putt ten thousande off them to flyghte? excepte theire rocke had solde them, and because the Lorde had delyuered them.
  31. For oure rocke is not as their rocke, no though oure enemyes be iudge.
  32. But their vynes are of the vynes of Sodom and of the feldes of Gomorra. Their grapes are grapes of gall, and theire clusters be bytter.
  33. Their wyne is the poyson of dragons, ad the cruell gall of aspes.
  34. Are not soch thinges layed in store with me ad seeled vpp amonge my treasures?
  35. Vengeaunce is myne and I will rewarde: their fete shall slyde, when the tyme cometh. For the tyme of their destruction is at honde, and the tyme that shall come vppon them maketh hast.
  36. For the Lorde will doo iustice vnto hys people, and haue compassion on his servauntes. For it shalbe sene that theire power shall fayle, and at the last they shalbe presoned and forsaken.
  37. And it shalbe sayed: where are their goddes ad their rocke wherein they trusted?
  38. The fatt of whose sacrifices they ate and drancke the wyne of their drynck offerynges, let them ryse vpp and helpe you and be youre protection.
  39. Se now howe that I, I am he, and that there is no God but I. I can kyll and make alyue, ad what I haue smyten that I can heale: nether ye there that can delyuer any man oute off my honde.
  40. For I will lifte vp myne hande to heaue, ad will saye: I lyue euer.
  41. Yf I whett the lyghtenynge of my swerde, and myne hande take in hande to doo iustyce, I wyll shewe vengeaunce on myne enemyes and will rewarde them that hate me.
  42. I will make myne arowes dronke with bloude, and my swerde shall eate flesh of the bloud of the slayne and of the captyue and of the bare heed of the enemye.
  43. Reioyse hethen wyth hys people, for he wyll auenge the bloude off his servauntes, and wyll auenge hym off hys aduersaryes, and wilbe mercyfull vnto the londe off hys people.
  44. And Moses went ad spake all the wordes of this songe in the eares of the people, both he and Josua the sonne of Nun.
  45. And when Moses had spoken all these wordes vnto the ende to all Israel,
  46. then he sayed vnto them. Sett youre hertes vnto all the wordes whiche I testifye vnto you this daye: that ye commaunde them vnto youre childern, to obserue and doo all the wordes off thys lawe.
  47. For it is not a vayne worde vnto you: but it is youre lyfe, and thorow thys worde ye shall prolonge youre dayes in the lond whother ye goo ouer Jordayne to conquere it.
  48. And the Lorde spake vnto Moses the selfe same daye sayenge:
  49. get the vpp in to this mountayne Abarim vnto mount Nebo, which is in the londe of Moab ouer agenst Jericho. And beholde the londe of Canaan whiche I geue vnto the childern of Israel to possesse.
  50. And dye in the mount whiche thou goest vppon, and be gathered vnto thy people: As Aaron thy brother dyed in mounte Hor ad was gathered vnto his people.
  51. For ye trespased agenst me amonge the childern of Israel at the waters off striffe, at Cades in the wyldernesse of Zin: because ye sanctified me not amonge the childern of Israel.
  52. Thou shalt se the londe before the, but shall not goo thither vnto the londe which I geue the childern off Israel.
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