Deuteronomy: Chapter 29 (1534)

The boke of Deuteronomium. The .xxviiij. Chapter.

  1. These are the wordes of the appoyntmet which the Lorde commaunded Moses to make with the childern of Israel in the londe of Moab, besyde the appoyntment whiche he made with them in Horeb.
  2. And Moses called vnto all Israel and sayed vnto them: Ye haue sene all that the Lorde dyd before youre eyes in the lande of Egipte, vnto Pharao and vnto all his seruauntes, and vnto all his londe,
  3. and the greate temptacyons whiche thyne eyes haue sene and those greate myracles and wonders:
  4. and yet the Lorde hath not geuen you an herte to perceaue, nor eyes to se, nor eares to heare vnto this daye.
  5. And I haue led you .xl. yere in the wildernesse: and youre clothes are not waxed olde vppon you, nor are thy showes waxed olde vppon thy fete.
  6. Ye haue eaten no bred nor droncke wyne or strounge dryncke: that ye myghte knowe, howe that he is the Lorde youre God.
  7. And at the last ye came vnto this place, ad Sihon the kynge of Hesbon and Og kynge of Basan came out agenst you vnto batayle, and we smote them
  8. and toke their londe and gaue it an heritaunce vnto the Rubenites and Gadites and to the halfe tribe of Manasse.
  9. Kepe therfore the worde of this appoyntment and doo them, that ye maye vnderstonde all that ye ought to doo.
  10. Ye stonde here this daye euery one of you before the Lorde youre God: both the heedes of youre trybes, youre elders, youre officers ad all the me of Israel:
  11. youre childern, youre wyues and the straungere that are in thyne host, from the hewer of thy wod vnto the drawer of thy water:
  12. that thou shulddest come vnder the appoyntment of the Lorde thy God, and vnder his othe which the Lorde thy God maketh with the this daye.
  13. For to make the a people vnto him selfe, and that he maye be vnto the a God, as he hath sayed vnto the and as he hath sworne vnto thi fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
  14. Also I make not this bonde and this othe with you only:
  15. but both with him that stodeth here with us this daye before the Lorde oure God, and also with him that is not here with us this daye.
  16. For ye knowe how we haue dwelt in the londe of Egipte, and how we came thorow the myddes of the nacions which we passed by.
  17. And ye haue sene their abhominacios and their ydolles: wod, stone, siluer and golde which they had.
  18. Lest there be amonge you man or woman kynred or trybe that turneth awaye in his hert this daye from the Lord oure God, to goo ad serue the goddes of these nacions: and lest there be amonge you some roote that bereth gall and wormwod,
  19. so that when he heareth the wordes of this curse, he blesse him selfe in his hert sayenge: I feare it not, I will ther fore walke after the lust of myne awne hert, that the drounken destroye the thurstie.
  20. And so the Lorde will not be mercyfull vnto him, but then the wrath of the Lorde ad his gelousye, smoke agenst that man, ad al the curses that are written in this boke light vppo him, and the Lorde doo out his name fro vnder heauen,
  21. and separate him vnto euell out of all the trybes of Israel acordynge vnto all the curses of the appoyntement that is written in the boke of this lawe.
  22. So that the generacion to come of youre childern that shal ryse vpp after you ad the straunger that shall come from a ferre londe, saye when they se the plages of that londe, and the diseases where with the Lorde hath smytten it
  23. how all the londe is burnt vpp with bremstone and salt, that it is nether sowne nor beareth nor any grasse groweth, after the ouertrowenge of Sodome, Gomor, Adama ad Zeboim: which the Lorde ouerthrewe in his wrath and angre.
  24. And than all nacions also saye: wherfore hath the Lorde done of this facion vnto this londe? O how fearse is this greatt wrath?
  25. And men shall saye: because they lefte the testamet of the Lorde God of their fathers which he made with them, whe he brought them out of the lande of Egipte.
  26. And they went ad serued straunge goddes and worshipped them: goddes which they knewe not and which had geuen them nought.
  27. And therfore the wrath off the Lorde waxed whote vppon that londe to brynge vppon it all the curses that are written in this boke.
  28. And the Lorde cast them out of their londe in angre, wrath and greate furyousnesse, and cast the in to a straunge londe, as it is come to passe this daye.
  29. The secrettes perteyne vnto the Lorde oure God and the thinges that are opened perteyne vnto us and oure childern for euer, that we doo all the wordes of this lawe.
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