Deuteronomy: Chapter 24 (1534)

The boke of Deuteronomium. The .xxiiij. Chapter.

  1. When a man hath taken a wyfe and maried her, yf she finde no fauoure in his eyes, because he hath spied some vnclennesse in her. Then let him write her a bylle of devorcement and put it in hir hande and sende her out of his housse.
  2. Yf when she is departed out of his housse, she goo and be another mans wife
  3. and the seconde husbonde hate her and write her a letter of deuorcement and put it in hir hande and sende her out of his housse, or yf the seconde man dye whiche toke her to wyfe.
  4. Hir first man whiche sent hir awaye maye not take her agayne to be his wyfe, in as moche as she is defiled. For that is abhominacyon in the syght of the Lorde: that thou defile not the lode with synne, which the Lorde thy God geueth the to enherett.
  5. When a man taketh a newe wyfe, he shall not goo a warrefare nether shalbe charged wyth any busynesse: but shalbe fre at home one yere and reioyse with his wife whiche he hath taken.
  6. No ma shall take the nether or the vpper milstone to pledge, for then he taketh a mans lyfe to pledge.
  7. Yf any man be founde stealynge any of his brethern the childern of Israel, ad maketh cheuesaunce of him or selleth him, the thefe shall dye. And thou shalt put euell awaye from the.
  8. Take hede to thy selfe as concernynge the plage of leprosye, that thou obserue diligently to doo acordinge to all that the preastes the leuites shall theach the, as I commaunded them so ye shall obserue to doo.
  9. Remembre what the Lorde thy God dyd vnto Mir iam by the waye, after that ye were come out off Egipte.
  10. Yf thou lende thy brother any maner soker, thou shalt not goo in to his housse to fetche a pledge:
  11. but shalt stonde without and the man to whom thou lendest, shall brynge the the pledge out at the dore.
  12. Forthermore yf it be a pore body, goo not to slepe with his pledge:
  13. but delyuer hym the pledge agayne by that the sonne goo doune, and let him slepe in his owne rayment and blesse the. And it shalbe rightuousnes vnto the, before the Lorde thy God.
  14. Thou shalt not defraude an hyred servaunte that is nedye and poore, whether he be off thy brethern or a straunger that is in thy lond within thy cities.
  15. Geue him his hyre the same daye, and let not the sonne goo doune thereon. For he is nedye ad therewith susteyneth his life, lest he crye agenst the vnto the Lorde ad it be synne vnto the.
  16. The fathers shal not dye for the childern nor the childern for the fathers: but euery ma shall dye for his awne synne.
  17. Hynder not the right of the straunger nor of the fatherlesse, nor take wedowes rayment to pledge.
  18. But remembre that thou wast a servaunte in Egipte, ad how the Lord thy God delyuered the thece. Wherfore I comaude the to doo this thinge.
  19. When thou cuttest doune thyne herueste in the felde and hast forgotte a shefe in the felde thou shalt not goo agayne and fett it: But it shalbe for the straunger, the fatherlesse and the wedowe, that the Lorde thy God maye blesse the in all the workes of thyne hande.
  20. When thou beatest doune thyne olyue, trees thou shalt not make cleane riddaunce after the: but it shalbe for the straunger, the fatherlesse and the wedowe.
  21. And when thou gatherest thy vyneyarde, thou shalt not gather cleane after the: but it shalbe for the straunger, the fatherlesse and the wedowe.
  22. And remembre that thou wast a seruaunte in the lond of Egipte: wherfore I comaunde the to doo this thinge.
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