Deuteronomy: Chapter 21 (1534)

The boke of Deuteronomium. The .xxi. Chapter.

  1. Yf one be founde slayne in the land whiche the Lorde thy God geueth the to possesse it, and lieth in the feldes, and not knowne who hath slayne him:
  2. Then let thine elders and thy iudges come forth ad meet vnto the cities that are rounde aboute the slayne.
  3. And let the elders of that citie which is nexte vnto the slayne ma, take an heyffer that is not laboured with nor hath drawen in the iocke,
  4. and let them bringe her vnto a valeye where is nether earinge nor sowenge, ad strike of hir heed there in the valey.
  5. Then let the preastes the sonnes of Leui come forth (for the Lorde thy God hath chosen them to ministre and to blesse in the name off the Lorde and therfore at their mouthe shall all strife and plage be tryed).
  6. And all the elders of the citie that is nexte to the slayne man shall wasshe their handes ouer the heyffer that is beheded in the playne,
  7. and shall answere ad saye: oure handes haue not shed this bloude nether haue oure eyes sene it.
  8. Be mercifull Lord vnto thy people Israel which thou hast delyuered and put not innocent bloude vnto thy people Israel: and the bloude shalbe forgeuen the
  9. And so shalt thou put innocent bloud fro the, when thou shalt haue done that which is right in the syght of the Lorde.
  10. When thou goest to warre agenst thyne enemies and the Lorde thy God hath delyuered them in to thine handes and thou hast take them captyue,
  11. and seist amonge the captyues a bewtifull woman and hast a fantasye vnto her that thou woldest haue her to thy wyfe.
  12. Then bringe her home to thine housse and let her shaue hir heed and pare hir nayles
  13. ad put hir rayment that she was taken in from hir, and let hir remayne in thine housse and bewepe hir father and hir mother a moneth long and after that goo in vnto her ad marie her ad let her be thi wife.
  14. And yf thou haue no fauoure vnto her, then let her go whother she lusteth: for thou mayst not sell her for monye nor make cheuesauce of her, because thou hast hubled her.
  15. Yf a man haue two wyues, one loued and another hated, and they haue borne him children, both the loued and also the hated.
  16. Yf the firstborne be the sonne of the hated: then whe he dealeth his goodes amonge his childern, he maye not make the sonne of the beloued firstborne before the sonne of the hated whiche is in deade the firstborne:
  17. But he shall knowe the sonne off the hated for his firstborne, that he geue hym dowble off all that he hath. For he is the first off his strength, and to him belongeth the right of the firstborneshippe.
  18. Yf any man haue a sonne that is stuburne, and disobedient, that he will not herken vnto the voyce of his father and voyce of his mother, and they haue taught him nurture, but he wolde not herken vnto them:
  19. Then let his father and his mother take him and brynge hym out vnto the elders of that citie and vnto the gate of that same place,
  20. ad saye vnto the elders of the citie. This oure sonne is stoburne and disobedient and will not herken vnto oure voyce, he is a ryoter and a dronkarde.
  21. Then let all the men of that citie stone him with stones vnto deeth. And so thou shalt put euell awaye from the, and all Israel shall heare and feare.
  22. Yf a man haue commytted a trespace worthy of deeth and is put to deeth for it and hanged on tree:
  23. let not his body remayne all nyghte vppon the tree, but burye hym the same daye. For the curse off God is on him that is hanged. Defile not thy londe therfore, whiche the Lorde thy God geueth the to enherett.
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