Deuteronomy: Chapter 17 (1534)

The boke of Deuteronomium. The .xvij. Chapter.

  1. Thou shalt offer vnto the Lorde thy God no oxe or shepe where in is any deformyte, what soeuer euell fauerednesse it be: for that is an abhominacion vnto the Lorde thi God.
  2. Yf there be founde amonge you in any of thi cities which the Lord thi God geueth the man or woman that hath wrought wekednesse in the sighte of the Lord thi God, that they haue gone beyonde his appoyntment,
  3. so that they haue gone and serued strauge goddes ad worshipped the, whether it be the sonne or mone or any thinge contayned in heaue which I forbade,
  4. and it was tolde the ad thou hast herde of it: Then thou shalt enquere diligently. And yf it be true and the thinge of a suertye that soch abhomynacion is wrought in Israel
  5. the thou shalt bringe forth that ma or that woman whiche haue comytted that weked thinge, vnto thi gates ad shalt stone the with stones ad they shall dye.
  6. At the mouth of .ij. or .iij witnesses shal he that is worthy of deeth, dye: but at the mouth of one witnesse he shall not dye.
  7. And the handes of the witnesses shalbe first vppon him to kyll him, ad afterwarde the handes of all the people: so shalt thou put wekednesse awaye from the.
  8. Yf a matter be to harde for the in iudgemet betwene bloud and bloude, plee and plee, plage and plage in maters of strife within thi cities: Then Arise and gett the vpp vnto the place which the Lorde thi God hath chosen,
  9. and goo vnto the preastes the leuites and vnto the iudge that shalbe in those dayes, and axe, and they shall shewe the how to iudge.
  10. And se that thou doo acordinge to that which they of that place which the Lorde hath chosen shew the and se that thou obserue to doo acordinge to all that they enforme the.
  11. Acordinge to the lawe which they teach the and maner of iudgement which they tell the, se that thou doo and that thou bowe not from that which they shewe the, nether to the right hande nor to the lyfte.
  12. And that man that will doo presumptuously, so that he will not herken vnto the preast that stondeth there to mynistre vnto the Lorde thi God or vnto the iudge, shall dye: and so thou shalt put awaye euell from Israel.
  13. And all the people shall heare and shall feare, and shall doo nomare presumptuosly,
  14. When thou art come vnto the lode which the Lorde thi God geueth the and enioyest it and dwellest therin: Yf thou shalt saye, I will sett a kinge ouer me, like vnto all the nacions that are aboute me:
  15. Then thou shalt make him kinge ouer the, whom the Lorde thi God shal chose. One of thi brethern must thou make kinge ouer the, and mayst not sett a straunger ouer the which is not of thi brethern.
  16. But in ani wyse let hi not holde to many horsses, that he bringe not the people agayne to Egipte thorow the multitude of horsses, for as moch as the Lorde hath sayed vnto you: ye shall hence forth goo no moare agayne that waye.
  17. Also he shall not haue to many wyues, lest his hert turne awaye, nether shall he gather him syluer and godlde to moch.
  18. And when he is seten vppon the seate off his kingdome, he shall write him out this seconde lawe in a boke takynge a copye of the preastes the leuites.
  19. And it shalbe with him and he shall reade there in all dayes of his lyfe that he maye lerne to feare the Lorde his God for to kepe all the wordes of this lawe ad these ordinaunces for to doo them:
  20. that his hert aryse not aboue his brethern and that he turne not from the commaundment: ether to the righte hande or to the lifte: that both he ad his childern maye prolonge their dayes in his kingdome in Israel.
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