Deuteronomy: Chapter 14 (1534)

The boke of Deuteronomium. The .xiiij. Chapter.

  1. Ye are the childern of the Lorde youre God, cut not youre selues nor make you any baldnes betwene the eyes for any mas deeth.
  2. For thou art an holy people vnto the Lord thy God, ad the Lorde hath chosen the to be a seuerall people vnto him selfe, of all the nacyons that are vppon the erth.
  3. Ye shall eate no maner of abhominacyon.
  4. These are the beestes which ye shall eate of: oxen, shepe and gootes,
  5. hert, roo and bugle, hertgoote, vnicorne, origen and Camelion.
  6. And all beestes that cleaue the hoffe and slytte it in to two clawes and chewe the cud, them ye shal eate.
  7. Neuerthelesse, these ye shall not eate of them that chew cud ad of the that deuyde and cleaue the hoffe: the camell, the hare ad the conye. For they chew cud, but deuyde not the hoffe: ad therfore are vncleane vnto you:
  8. ad also the swyne, for though he deuyde the hoffe, yet he cheweth not cud, ad therfor is vncleane vnto you: Ye shall not eate of the flesh of the nor twich the deed carkasses of them.
  9. These ye shall eate off all that are in the waters: All that haue fynnes and scales.
  10. And what soeuer hath not finnes and scales, of that ye may not eate, for that is vncleane vnto you.
  11. Of all cleane byrdes ye shall eate,
  12. but these are they of which ye maye not eate: the egle, the goshauke, the cormerant,
  13. the ixion, the vultur, the kyte and hyr kynde,
  14. and all kynde off rauens,
  15. the Estrich, the nyghtcrowe, the kuckoo, the sparowhauke and all hir kynde,
  16. the litle oule, the great oule, the backe,
  17. the bytture, the pye
  18. the storke, the heron, the Jaye in his kynde, the lapwynge, the swalowe:
  19. And all crepynge foules are vncleane vnto you and maye not be eaten of:
  20. but of all cleane foules ye maye well eate.
  21. Ye shall eate of nothinge that dyeth alone: But thou mayst geue it vnto the straunger that is in thy citie that he eate it, or mayst sell it vnto an Aliet. For thou art an holy people vnto the Lorde thy God. Thou shalt not seth a kyd in his mothers mylke.
  22. Thou shalt tyeth all the encrease of thy seed that cometh out of the felde yere by yere.
  23. And thou shalt eate before the Lorde thy God in the place whiche he hath chosen to make his name dwell there the tyth off thy corne, of thy wyne and of thyne oyle, and the firstborne of thine oxen and of thy flocke that thou mayst lerne to feare the Lorde thy God allwaye.
  24. Yf the waye be to longe for the, so that thou art not able to carie it, because the place is to farre from the whiche the Lorde thy God hath chosen to set his name there (for the Lorde thy God hath blessed the)
  25. then make it in money and take the money in thyne hande, and goo vnto the place which the Lorde thy God hath chosen,
  26. and bestowe that moneye on what soeuer thy soule lusteth after: on oxen shepe, wyne and good drynke, and on what soeuer thy soule desyreth, and eate there before the Lorde thy God and be mery: both thou and thyne housholde
  27. and the Leuite that is in thy cytye. Se thou forsake not the Leuite, for he hath nether parte nor enheritaunce with the.
  28. At the ende of thre yere, thou shalt brynge forth all the tithes of thine encrease the same yere and laye it vpp whitin thyne awne cytye,
  29. and the Leuite shall come because he harh nether parte nor enheritaunce with the, and the straunger and the fatherlesse and the wedowe which are whithin thy citie and shall eate and fyll them selues: that the Lorde thy God maye blesse the in all the workes of thine hond which thou doest.
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