Deuteronomy: Chapter 11 (1534)

The boke of Deuteronomium. The .xi. Chapter.

  1. Loue the Lorde thi God and kepe his obseruaunces, his ordinaunces, his lawes and his commaundmentes alwaye.
  2. And call to mynde this daye that which youre childern haue nether knowen nor sene: euen the nurture of the Lorde youre God, his greatnesse, his myghtye hande and his stretched out arme:
  3. his miracles and his actes which he dyd amonge the Egiptias, euen vnto Pharao the kinge off Egipte and vnto all his lode:
  4. ad what he dyd vnto the host of the Egiptias, vnto their horses ad charettes, how he brought the water of the red see vppon the as they chased you, and how the Lorde hath brought them to nought vnto this daye:
  5. ad what he dyd vnto you in the wildernesse, vntill ye came vnto this place:
  6. ad what he dyd vnto Dathan and Abiram the sonnes of Eliab the sonne of Ruben, how the erth opened hir mouth ad swalowed the with their housholdes and their tentes, ad all their substace that was in their possessio, in the myddes of Israel.
  7. For youre eyes haue sene all the greate deades of the Lorde which he dyd.
  8. Kepe therfore al the comaundmentes which I comaunde the this daye that ye maye be stronge ad goo and conquere the londe whother ye go to possesse it,
  9. ad that ye maye prolonge youre dayes in the londe which the Lorde sware vnto youre fathers to geue vnto them ad to their seed, a londe that floweth with mylke and honye.
  10. For the londe whother thou goest to possesse it, is not as the londe of Egipte whence thou camest out, where thou sowedest thi seed and wateredest it with thi laboure as a garden of herbes:
  11. but the londe whither ye goo ouer to possesse it, is a londe of hilles and valeyes and drynketh water of the rayne of heaue,
  12. and a londe which the Lorde thi God careth for. The eyes of the Lord thi God are always apo it, from the begynnynge of the yere vnto the later ende of the yere.
  13. Yf thou shalt herken therfore vnto my commaundementes which I commaunde you this daye, that ye loue the Lorde youre God and serue him with all youre hertes and with all youre soules:
  14. then he will geue rayne vnto youre londe in due season, both the fyrst rayne and the later, and thou shalt gather in thy corne, thy wyne and thyne oyle.
  15. And he will sende grasse in thy feldes for thy catell: and thou shalt eate and fyll thy selfe.
  16. But bewarre that youre hertes disceaue you not that ye turne asyde and serue straunge goddes and worshepe them,
  17. and the the wrath of the Lorde waxe hote vpon you ad shott vp the heauen that there be no rayne and that youre londe yeld not hir frute, and that ye peresh quickly from of the good lode which the Lorde geueth you.
  18. Putt vp therfore these my wordes in youre hertes and in youre soules, and bynde them for a sygne vnto youre handes, and lett them be as papers of remembraunce betwene youre eyes,
  19. and teach them youre childern: so that thou talke of them when thou syttest in thyne housse, and when thou walkest by the waye, and when thou lyest doune and when thou rysest vpp:
  20. yee and write them vppon the dorepostes of thine housse and vppon thi gates,
  21. that youre dayes may be multiplyed ad the dayes of youre childern apon the erth which the Lorde sware vnto youre fathers to geue them, as longe as the dayes of heaue last vpon the erth.
  22. For yf ye shall kepe all these comaundmentes which I comaunde you, so that ye doo the and loue the Lorde youre God and walke in all his wayes and cleaue vnto him.
  23. Then will the Lorde cast out all these nacions both greatter and myghtyer then youre selues.
  24. All the places where on the soles of youre fete shall treade, shalbe youres: euen from the wildernesse and from Libanon and from the ryuer Ephrates, euen vnto the vttermost see shall youre costes be.
  25. There shall no man be able to stonde before you: the Lorde youre God shal cast the feare and dreade of you vppo all londes whether ye shall come, as he hath sayed vnto you.
  26. Beholde, I seet before you this daye, a blessynge and a curse:
  27. a blessynge: yf that ye herke vnto the commaundmentes of the Lorde youre God which I comaude you this daye:
  28. And a curse: yf ye will not herke vnto the comaundmentes of the Lord youre God: but turne out of the waye which I commaude you this daye to goo after straunge goddes which ye haue not knowen.
  29. When the Lorde thi God hath brought the in to the londe whother thou goest to possesse it, then put the blessinge vppon mount Grisim and the curse vppon mount Ebal,
  30. which are on the other syde Jordane on the backe side of the waye towarde the goynge doune of the sonne in the lode of the Cananites which dwell in the feldes ouer agenst Gilgal besyde moregroue.
  31. For ye shall goo ouer to goo and possesse the londe which the Lorde youre God geueth you, and shall conquere it ad dwell there in.
  32. Take hede therfore that ye doo al the comaundmentes and lawes, which I sett before you this daye.
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