Deuteronomy: Chapter 10 (1534)

The boke of Deuteronomium. The .x. Chapter.

  1. In the same ceason the Lord sayed vnto me hewe the two tables of stone like vnto the first and come vp vnto me in to the mount ad make the an Arke of wod,
  2. and I will wryte in the table, the wordes that were in the first tables which thou brakest, ad thou shalt put the in the arcke.
  3. And I made an arke of sethi wod ad hewed two tables of stone like vnto the first, ad went vp in to the mountayne and the .ij. tables in myne hande.
  4. And he wrote in the tables, acording to the first writinge (the .x. verses whiche the Lorde spake vnto you in the mount out of the fire in the daye when the people were gathered) ad gaue the vnto me.
  5. And I departed ad came doune fro the hyll and put the tables in the arcke which I had made: ad there they remayned, as the Lorde commaunded me
  6. And the childern of Israel toke their iurney from Beroth Be Jake to Mosera, where Aaro dyed ad where he was buried, ad Eleazer his sonne became preast i his steade.
  7. And fro thece they departed vnto Gudgod: ad fro Gudgod to Jathbath, a lod of riuers of water.
  8. And the same ceason the Lorde separated the trybe of Leui to beare the arcke of the appoyntment of the Lorde and to stonde before the Lorde, ad to ministre vnto him and to blesse in his name vnto this daye.
  9. Wherfore the Leuites haue no parte nor enheritaunce with their brethern. The Lorde he is their enheritaunce, as the Lorde thy God hath promysed them.
  10. And I taried in the mount, eue as at the first tyme .xl. dayes and .xl. nyghtes and the Lorde herkened vnto me at that tyme also, so that the Lorde wolde not destroye the.
  11. And the Lorde sayed vnto me: vpp ad goo forth in the iurney before the people and let them goo in ad conquere the lond which I sware vnto their fathers to geue vnto them.
  12. And now Israel what is it that the Lord thi God requyreth of the, but to feare the Lord thi God and to walke in all his wayes and to loue him and to serue the Lorde thy God with all thyne herte and with all thy soule,
  13. that thou kepe the commaundmentes of the Lorde ad his ordinaunces which I commaunde the this daye, for thy welth.
  14. Beholde, heauen and the heauen of heauens is the Lordes thy god, and the erth with all that therein is:
  15. only the Lorde had a lust vnto thy fathers to loue them, and therfore chose you theire seed after them off all nacyons, as it is come to passe this daye.
  16. Circumcyse therfore the foreskynne of youre hartes, and be no longer sciffnecked.
  17. For the Lorde youre God, he is God of goddes and lorde of lordes, a greate God, a myghtye and a terreble which regardeth no mans person nor taketh giftes:
  18. but doeth right vnto the fatherlesse and wedowe and loueth the straunger, to geue him fode and rayment.
  19. Loue therfore the straunger, for ye were straungers youre selues in the londe of Egipte.
  20. Thou shalt feare the Lorde thi God and serue him and cleaue vnto him ad swere by his name,
  21. for he is thi prayse ad he is thi God that hath done these greate and terreble thinges for the, which thine eyes haue sene.
  22. Thi fathers went doune in to Egipte with .lxx. soules, ad now the Lorde thi God hath made the as the starres of heauen in multitude.
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