2 Timothy: Chapter 03 (1534)

The seconde Epistle to Tymothe. The .iij. Chapter.

  1. This understonde that in the last dayes shall come parelous tymes.
  2. For the me shalbe lovers of their awne selves coveteous bosters proude cursed speakers disobediet to father and mother vnthakfull vnholy
  3. vnkinde trucebreakers stubborn falce accusars ryatours fearce despisers of the which are good
  4. traytours heddy hye mynded gredy apon volupteousnes more then the lovers of god
  5. havynge a similitude of godly lyvynge but have denyed the power ther of and soche abhorre.
  6. Of this sorte are they which entre in to houses and brynge into bondage wymmen laden with synne which wemen are ledde of divers lustes
  7. ever learnynge and never able to come vnto the knowledge of the trueth.
  8. As Jannes and Jambres withstode Moses even so do these resist the trueth men they are of corrupt myndes and leawde as concernynge the fayth:
  9. but they shall prevayle no leger. For their madnes shalbe vttered vnto all men as theirs was.
  10. But thou hast sene ye experience of my doctrine fassion of lyuynge purpose fayth longe sufferynge love pacience
  11. persecucions and affliccions which happened vnto me at Antioche at Iconium and at lystra: which persecucions I suffered paciently. And from them all the lorde delivered me.
  12. Ye and all that will live godly in Christ Jesu must suffre persecucions.
  13. But the evyll men and disceavers shall wexe worsse and worsse whill they deceave and are deceaved them selves.
  14. But continue thou in the thynges which thou hast learned which also were committed vnto the seynge thou knowest of whom thou hast learned them
  15. and for as moche also as thou hast knowe holy scripture of a chylde which is able to make the wyse vnto saluacion thorowe the fayth which ys in Christ Jesu.
  16. For all scripture geve by inspiracion of god is proffitable to teache to improve to amende and to instruct in rightewesnes
  17. yt ye man of god maye be perfect and prepared vnto all good workes.
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