2 Corinthians: Chapter 09 (1534)

The seconde Epistle to the Corinthyans. The .ix. Chapter.

  1. Of the ministrynge to ye saynctes it is but superfluous for me to write vnto you:
  2. for I knowe youre redynes of mide wherof I bost my silfe vnto them of Macedonia and saye that Achaia was prepared a yeare a goo and youre ferventnes hath provoked many.
  3. Never thelesse yet have I sent these brethren lest oure reioysynge over you shuld be in vayne in this behalfe and that ye (as I have sayd) preparare youre selues
  4. lest paraveture yf they of Macedonia come with me and fynde you vnprepared the boost that I made in this matter shuld be a shame to vs: I saye not vnto you.
  5. Wherfore I thought it necessary to exhorte the brethren to come before hode vnto you forto prepare youre good blessynge promysed afore that it myght be redy: so yt it be a blessynge and not a defraudynge.
  6. This yet remember howe that he which soweth lytell shall reepe lytell: and he yt soweth plenteously shall reepe plenteously.
  7. And let every man do accordynge as he hath purposed in his herte not groudgyngly or of necessite. For god loveth a chearfull gever.
  8. God is able to make you ryche in all grace that ye in all thynges havynge sufficiet vnto the vttmoste maye be ryche vnto all manner good workes
  9. as it is written: He yt sparsed abroade and hath geven to the povre his rightewesnes remayneth for ever.
  10. He yt fyndeth the sower seed shall minister breed for fode and shall multiplie youre seed and increace the frutes of youre rightewesnes
  11. that on all parties ye maye be made ryche in all synglenes which causeth thorowe vs thankes gevynge vnto god.
  12. For the office of this ministracion not only supplieth the nede of the sayntes: but also is aboundaunt herein that for this laudable ministrynge thankes myght be geven to god
  13. of many whiche prayse god for the obedience of youre professynge ye gospell of Christ and for youre synglenes in distributynge to them and to all me:
  14. and in their prayers to God for you longe after you for the aboundauut grace of God geven vnto you.
  15. Thankes be vnto God for his vn speakeable gyft.
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