1 Thessalonians: Chapter 02 (1534)

The fyrst Epistle to the Thessalonyans. The .ij. Chapter.

  1. For ye youre selves knowe brethren of oure entraunce in vnto you howe that it was not in vayne:
  2. but even after that we had suffered before and were shamfully entreated at Phillippos (as ye well knowe) then were we bolde in oure God to speake vnto you the gospell of God with moche strivynge.
  3. Oure exhortacion was not to brynge you to erroure nor yet to vnclennes nether was it with gyle:
  4. but as we were alowed of God that the gospell shuld be comitted vnto vs: even so we speake not as though we entended to please men but God which trieth oure hertes.
  5. Nether was oure conversacion at eny tyme wt flatterynge wordes as ye well knowe nether in cloked coveteousnes God is recorde:
  6. nether sought we prayse of men nether of you nor yet of eny other when we myght have bene chargeable as the apostles of Christ
  7. but we were tender amonge you even as a norsse cheressheth her children
  8. so was oure affeccion towarde you oure good will was to have dealte vnto you not the gospell of God only: but also oure awne soules because ye were deare vnto vs.
  9. Ye remember brethre oure laboure and travayle. For we laboured daye and nyght because we wolde not be greveous vnto eny of you and preached vnto you ye gospell of God.
  10. Ye are witnesses and so is god how holyly and iustly and vnblameable we behaved oure selves amonge you that beleve:
  11. as ye knowe how that we exhorted and comforted and besought every one of you as a father his childre
  12. that ye wolde walke worthy of God which hath called you vnto his kyngdome and glory.
  13. For this cause thanke we god with out ceasynge because that when ye receaved of vs the worde wherwith God was preached ye receaved it not as the worde of man: but even as it was in dede the worde of God which worketh in you that beleve.
  14. For ye brethre became folowers of the congregacions of god which in Jewry are in Christ Jesu: for ye have suffered lyke thynges of youre kynsmen as we oure selves have suffered of the Jewes.
  15. Which as they kylled the lorde Jesus and their awne prophetes even so have they persecuted vs and God they please not and are contrary to all men
  16. and forbid vs to preache vnto the gentyls that they myght be saved to fulfill their synnes all waye. For the wrath of God is come on them even to the vtmost.
  17. For as moch brethren as we are kept from you for a season as concernynge the bodyly presence but not in the herte we enforsed the more to se you personally with great desire.
  18. And therfore we wolde have come vnto you I paul once and agayne: but Satan with stode vs.
  19. For what is oure hope or ioye or croune of reioysynge? are not ye it in the presence of oure lorde Jesus Christ at his comynge?
  20. yes ye are oure glory and ioye.
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