1 Corinthians: Chapter 06 (1534)

The fyrst Epistle to the Corinthyans. The .vi. Chapter.

  1. How dare one of you havinge busines with another goo to lawe vnder the wicked and not rather vnder the sainctes?
  2. Do ye not know that the sainctes shall iudge the worlde? If the worlde shalbe iudged by you: are ye not good ynough to iudge smale trifles:
  3. knowe ye not how that we shall iudge the angles? How moche more maye we iudge thinges that partayne to ye lyfe?
  4. If ye have iudgementes of worldely matters take them which are despised in ye congregacio and make them iudges.
  5. This I saye to youre shame. Is ther vtterly no wyse man amoge you? What not one at all yt can iudge bitwene brother and brother
  6. but one brother goeth to lawe with another: and that vnder the vnbelevers?
  7. Now therfore ther is vtterly a faute amonge you because ye goo to lawe one with another. Why rather suffer ye not wronge? why rather suffre ye not youre selves to be robbed?
  8. Naye ye youre selves do wronge and robbe: and that the brethren.
  9. Do ye not remember how that the vnrighteous shall not inheret the kyngdome of God? Be not deceaved. For nether fornicators nether worshyppers of ymages nether whormongers nether weaklinges nether abusars of them selves with the mankynde
  10. nether theves nether the coveteous nether dronkardes nether cursed speakers nether pillers shall inheret the kyngdome of God.
  11. And soche ware ye verely: but ye are wesshed: ye are sanctified: ye are iustified by the name of the Lorde Jesus and by the sprete of oure God.
  12. All thinges are lawfull vnto me: but all thinges are not proffitable. I maye do all thinges: but I will be brought vnder no mans power.
  13. Meates are ordeyned for the belly and the belly for meates: but God shall destroy bothe it and them. Let not the body be applied vnto fornicacion but vnto the Lorde and the Lorde vnto the body.
  14. God hath raysed vp the Lorde and shall rayse vs vp by his power.
  15. Ether remember ye not that youre bodyes are the members of Christ? Shall I now take the members of Christ and make them the members of an harlot? God forbyd.
  16. Do ye not vnderstonde that he which coupleth him selfe with an harlot is become one body? For two (saith he) shalbe one flesshe.
  17. But he that is ioyned vnto the Lorde is one sprete.
  18. Fle fornicacion. All synnes that a man dothe are with out ye body. But he yt is a fornicator synneth agaynst his awne body.
  19. Ether knowe ye not how that youre bodyes are the temple of ye holy goost which is in you who ye have of God and how that ye are not youre awne?
  20. For ye are dearly bought. Therfore glorifie ye God in youre bodyes and in youre spretes for they are goddes.
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