1 Corinthians: Chapter 05 (1534)

The fyrst Epistle to the Corinthyans. The .v. Chapter.

  1. There goeth a comen sayinge that ther is fornicacion amoge you and soche fornicacion as is not once named amonge the gentyls: that one shuld have his fathers wyfe.
  2. And ye swell and have not rather sorowed yt he which hath done this dede myght be put fro amoge you.
  3. For I verely as absent in body even so present in sprete have determyned all redy (as though I were present) of him that hath done this dede
  4. in the name of oure Lorde Jesu Christ when ye are gaddered togedder and my sprete with the power of the Lorde Jesus Christ
  5. to deliver him vnto Satan for ye destruccio of the flesshe yt the sprete maye be saved in ye daye of ye Lorde Jesus.
  6. Youre reioysinge is not good: knowe ye not that a lytle leve sowreth the whole lompe of dowe.
  7. Pourge therfore the olde leven that ye maye be newe dowe as ye are swete breed. For Christ oure esterlambe is offered vp for vs.
  8. Therfore let vs kepe holy daye not with olde leve nether with the leven of maliciousnes and wickednes: but with the swete breed of purenes and truth.
  9. I wrote vnto you in a pistle that ye shuld not company with fornicatours.
  10. And I meat not at all of the fornicatours of this worlde ether of the coveteous or of extorsioners ether of the ydolaters: for then must ye nedes have gone out of ye worlde.
  11. But now I write vnto you that ye company not togedder yf eny that is called a brother be a fornicator or coveteous or a worshipper of ymages ether a raylar ether a dronkard or an extorcionar: with him that is soche se that ye eate not.
  12. For what have I to do to iudge them which are with out? Do ye not iudge them that are with in?
  13. Them that are with out God shall iudge. Put awaye from amonge you that evyll parson.
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