1 Corinthians: Chapter 03 (1534)

The fyrst Epistle to the Corinthyans. The .iij. Chapter.

  1. And I coulde not speake vnto you brethre as vnto spretuall: but as vnto carnall even as it were vnto babes in Christ.
  2. I gave you mylke to drinke and not meate. For ye then were not stronge no nether yet are.
  3. For ye are yet carnall. As longe verely as ther is amoge you envyige stryfe and dissencio: are ye not carnall and walke after ye manner of me?
  4. As loge as one sayth I holde of Paul and another I am of Apollo are ye not carnall?
  5. What is Paul? What thinge is Apollo? Only miministers are they by who ye beleved even as the Lorde gave every ma grace.
  6. I have planted: Apollo watred: but god gave increace.
  7. So then nether is he that planteth eny thinge nether he yt watreth: but god which gave the increace.
  8. He that planteth and he that watreth are nether better then the other. Every man yet shall receave his rewarde accordynge to his laboure.
  9. We are goddis labourers ye are goddis husbandrye ye are goddis byldynge.
  10. Accordynge to the grace of god geven vnto me as a wyse bylder have I layde the foundacio And another bylt thero But let every ma take hede how he bildeth apo.
  11. For other foundacion can no man laye then yt which is layde which is Jesus Christ.
  12. Yf eny man bilde on this foundacion golde silver precious stones tymber haye or stoble:
  13. every mannes worke shall appere. For the daye shall declare it and it shalbe shewed in fyre. And ye fyre shall trye euery mannes worke what it is.
  14. Yf eny mannes worke yt he hath bylt apon byde he shall receave a rewarde.
  15. If eny manes worke burne he shall suffre losse: but he shalbe safe him selfe: neverthelesse yet as it were thorow fyre.
  16. Are ye not ware that ye are the temple of god and how that the sprete of god dwelleth in you?
  17. Yf eny man defyle the temple of god him shall god destroye. For the temple of god is holy which temple ye are.
  18. Let no man deceave him silfe. Yf eny man seme wyse amonge you let him be a fole in this worlde that he maye be wyse.
  19. For ye wisdome of this worlde is folysshnes with god. For it is writte: he compaseth the wyse in their craftynes.
  20. And agayne God knoweth the thoughtes of the wyse that they be vayne.
  21. Therfore let no ma reioyce in men. For all thinges are youres
  22. whether it be Paul other Apollo other Cephas: whether it be ye worlde other lyfe other deeth whether they be present thinges or thinges to come: all are youres
  23. and ye are Christes and Christ is goddis.
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