1 Corinthians: Chapter 14 (1534)

The fyrst Epistle to the Corinthyans. The .xiiij. Chapter.

  1. Labour for love and covet spretuall giftes: and most chefly forto prophesye.
  2. For he that speaketh with toges speaketh not vnto men but vnto god for no man heareth him how be it in the sprete he speaketh misteries.
  3. But he that prophesieth speaketh vnto men to edifyinge to exhortacion and to comforte.
  4. He that speaketh with tonges proffiteth him silfe: he that prophesyeth edifieth the congregacion.
  5. I wolde that ye all spake with tonges: but rather that ye prophesied. For greater is he that prophisieth? then he yt speaketh with tonges except he expounde it also that the congregacion maye have edifyinge.
  6. Now brehren if I come vnto you speakige wt tonges: what shall I profit you excepte I speake vnto you other by revelacio or knowledge or prophesyinge or doctrine.
  7. Moreover whe thinges with out lyfe geve sounde: whether it be a pype or an harpe: except they make a distinccion in the soundes: how shall it be knowen what is pyped or harped?
  8. And also if the trope geve an vncertayne voyce who shall prepare him silfe to fyght?
  9. Eve so lykwyse whe ye speake with toges excepte ye speake wordes that have signification how shall yt be vnderstonde what is spoke? For ye shall but speake in the ayer.
  10. Many kyndes of voyces are in the worlde and none of them are with out signification.
  11. If I knowe not what the voyce meaneth I shalbe vnto him that speaketh an alient: and and he that speaketh shalbe an alient vnto me
  12. Eve so ye (for as moche as ye covet spretuall giftes) seke that ye maye have plentye vnto ye edifyinge of the congregacion.
  13. Wherfore let him that speaketh with tonges praye that he maye interpret also.
  14. If I praye with tonge my sprete prayeth: but my mynde is with out frute.
  15. What is it then? I will praye with the sprete ad will praye wt the mynde also. I will singe with the sprete and will singe with the mynde also.
  16. For els when thou blessest with ye sprete how shall he that occupieth the roume of the vnlearned saye amen at thy gevinge of thankes seynge he vnderstondeth not what thou sayest.
  17. Thou verely gevest thankes well but the other is not edyfied.
  18. I thanke my god I speake with toges moare then ye all.
  19. Yet had I lever in ye cogregacio to speake five wordes with my mynde to ye informacio of other rather then ten thousande wordes wt the tonge.
  20. Brethre be not chyldre in witte. How be it as cocerninge maliciousnes be chyldre: but in witte be perfet.
  21. In the lawe it is written with other toges and with other lyppes wyll I speake vnto this people and yet for all that will they not heare me sayth the Lorde.
  22. Wherfore tonges are for a signe not to them that beleve: but to them that beleve not. Contrary wyse prophesyinge serveth not for them that beleve not: but for them which beleve.
  23. Yf therfore when all the cogregacion is come to gedder and all speake with tonges ther come in they yt are vnlearned or they which beleve not: will they not saye that ye are out of youre wittes?
  24. But and yf all prophesy and ther come in one that beleveth not or one vnlearned he is rebuked of all men and is iudged of every man:
  25. and so are ye secretes of his hert opened and so falleth he doune on his face and worshippeth God and sayth yt God is wt you in dede.
  26. How is it then brethre? When ye come to gedder every ma hath his songe hath his doctryne hath his toge hath his revelacio hath his interpretacio. Let all thinges be done vnto edifyinge.
  27. If eny man speake wt tonges let it be two at once or at the most thre at once and that by course: and let another interprete it.
  28. But yf ther be no interpreter let him kepe silence in the cogregacion and let him speake to him selfe and to God.
  29. Let the Prophetes speake two at once or thre at once and let other iudge.
  30. Yf eny revelacio be made to another that sitteth by let the fyrst holde his peace.
  31. For ye maye all prophesy one by one that all maye learne and all maye have comforte.
  32. For ye spretes of the Prophetes are in the power of the Prophetes.
  33. For God is not causer of stryfe: but of peace as he is in all other congregacions of the saynctes.
  34. Let youre wyves kepe silence in the cogregacions. For it is not permitted vnto them to speake: but let them be vnder obedience as sayth the lawe.
  35. If they will learne enythinge let the axe their husbandes at home. For it is a shame for wemen to speake in the cogregacio.
  36. Sproge ye worde of god fro you? Ether came it vnto you only?
  37. Yf eny ma thinke him sylfe a prophet ether spirituall: let him vnderstonde what thinges I write vnto you. For they are the comaundementes of the Lorde.
  38. But and yf eny man be ignorat let him be ignorant.
  39. Wherfore brethren covet to prophesye and forbyd not to speake with tonges.
  40. And let all thinges be done honestly and in order.
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