1 Corinthians: Chapter 10 (1534)

The fyrst Epistle to the Corinthyans. The .x. Chapter.

  1. Brethren I wolde not that ye shuld be ignoraunt of this how yt oure fathers were all vnder a cloude and all passed thorow the see
  2. and were all baptised vnder Moses in the cloude and in the see:
  3. and dyd all eate of one spirituall meate
  4. and did all drincke of one maner of spirituall drincke. And they dranke of that spretuall rocke that folowed them which rocke was Christ.
  5. But in many of them had god no delite. For they were overthrowen in the wildernes.
  6. These are ensamples to vs that we shuld not lust after evyll thinges as they lusted
  7. Nether be ye worshippers of Images as were some of them accordynge as it is written: The people sate doune to eate and drynke and rose vp agayne to playe.
  8. Nether let vs comit fornicacion as some of them committed fornicacion and were destroyed in one daye .xxiii. thousande.
  9. Nether let vs tempte Christ as some of them tempted and were destroyed of serpentes.
  10. Nether murmure ye as some of them murmured and were destroyed of ye destroyer
  11. All these thinges happened vnto them for ensamples and were written to put vs in remembraunce whom the endes of the worlde are come apon.
  12. Wherfore let hym that thynketh he stodeth take hede least he fall.
  13. There hath none other temptacion taken you but soche as foloweth ye nature of ma. But God is faythfull which shall not suffer you to be tempted above youre strenght: but shall in the myddes of the temptacion make awaye to escape out.
  14. Wherfore my deare beloued fle from worshippynge of ydols.
  15. I speake as vnto them which have discrecion Judge ye what I saye.
  16. Ys not the cuppe of blessinge which we blesse partakynge of ye bloude of Christ? ys not the breed which we breake partetakynge of the body of Christ?
  17. because that we (though we be many) yet are one breed and one bodye in as moch as we all are partetakers of one breed.
  18. Beholde Israhell which walketh carnally. Are not they which eate of the sacrifyse partetakers of the aultre?
  19. What saye I then? that the ymage is eny thinge? or that it which is offered to ymages is eny thinge?
  20. Nay but I saye that those thinges which the gentyle offer they offer to devyls and not to god. And I wolde not that ye shuld have fellishippe with ye devils
  21. Ye canot drincke of the cup of the lorde and of yt cup of ye deuyls. Ye cnanot be partetakers of the lordes table and of the table of deuelles.
  22. Ether shall we provoke the lorde? Or are we stronger then he? All thynges are laufull vnto me but all thynges are not expedient.
  23. All thynges are lawfull to me but all thinges edifye not.
  24. Let no man seke his awne proffet: but let every man seke anothers welthe.
  25. What soever is solde in the market that eate and axe no questions for conscience sake
  26. For the erth is the lordis and all that therein is.
  27. Yf eny of them which beleve not bid you to a feest and yf ye be disposed to goo what soever is seet before you: eate axinge no question for conscience sake.
  28. But and yf eny man saye vnto you: this is dedicate vnto ydols eate not of it for his sake that shewed it and for hurtynge of conscience. The erth is the lordes and all that there in is.
  29. Conscience I saye not thyne: but the coscieuce of that other. For why shuld my liberte be iudged of another manes conscience:
  30. For yf I take my parte with thakes: why am I evell spoken of for that thynge wherfore I geve thankes.
  31. Whether therfore ye eate or dryncke or what soever ye do do all to the prayse of God.
  32. Se that ye geve occasion of evell nether to ye Jewes nor yet to the gentyls nether to ye cogregacion of god:
  33. euen as I please all men in all thinges not sekynge myne awne proffet but the proffet of many that they myght be saved. Folowe me as I do Christ.
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